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3. December 2018

Digital transformation has brought a new CRM solution to BDO

Every company with aspiration to become successful should not underestimate the role of digital transformation. Modern technologies rule the world and who know how to use their full potential can reach better results. BDO Slovakia has decided to make its business more efficient thanks to the implementation of a new central CRM system.

For our fast-growing company, it was absolutely necessary to implement an intelligent CRM solution. We are glad that we have decided for MS Dynamics 365, a scalable solution easily adaptable to our internal processes and containing various solutions. The new CRM system represents not only a tool for more effective client portfolio management, but also a tool for more efficient risk management.” Peter Gunda, Managing Partner

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BDO Slovakia belongs to an international network of companies providing auditing, accounting, tax and advisory services. Since the company previously used various Excel files and applications for its key data administration and management of business activities which were not mutually interconnected, the management of the company decided to implement a central system. The management needed a unified solution providing better insight into the company business.


BDO Implementation CRM

Thanks to the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and its interconnection with Microsoft Office 365 already used by the company, we helped to improve the management of key business activities.

The solution offers:

  • management of client and contact data;
  • recording of contact history and activities related to clients;
  • tracking and evaluation of business opportunities;
  • employee work agenda management;
  • access to important data in form of charts anytime and from any electronic device;
  • sharing of documents.

The modern CRM solution implemented in cloud has brought many benefits to the company:

  • centralized system for management of business activities;
  • effective tracking of the business process;
  • elimination of business risks;
  • 360-degree view of important customer data;
  • creation of comprehensive reports in future;
  • preparation of documents according to Word templates with automatically pre-filled data;
  • generation of Excel reports without a need to manually fill-in the data;
  • an access to important data from anywhere and from any electronic device.

The CRM system offers flexible development of any future customer requirements.

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