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23. September 2019

How to make customers more loyal and employees motivated?

Customer loyalty and motivation of employees belong to the most frequent topics for discussion. Lots of companies constantly look for the best possible way how to retain customers. The same with the motivation of employees. Selection of the right tools able to increase customer trust and employee engagement is preceded by a deep market research.

Customer in the centre of attention

Mainly due to digitalization development and access to information by one click, the customer of today has a perfect position for negotiation and strong arguments for decision-making. Modern customers require quick and quality customer service with as personalized approach as possible. According to surveys, up to 91 % of the customers are loyal to a brand offering high-quality services. Customers often make their decisions upon recommendations from their friends, so you should make your best to ensure that your company ranks among those reliable and recommended.

Customer loyalty can´t be built within a day. Loyalty is based mainly on trust, which needs to be built continuously. The same as we build solid foundation for a house. In this case, the solid foundation is represented by a top-notch customer service and transparent communication with a customer. Today, if you want to provide outstanding services, you need a tool able to interconnect all your systems, unify data and make processes within your company more effective. Such a tool can be a CRM system, thanks to which you can make your customer love the interaction with your company.

crm systém

How can a CRM system help you in building relationship with your customers?

Without a well-completed CRM database, it´s impossible to reach the right customers. Based on the CRM data, a list of customers is created to which marketing materials are sent and marketing campaigns targeted. Through these activities, a strong bond between the customer and the company can be created.

Within the CRM system, you can record all relevant data, plan activities or manage business activities. What is more, the CRM system provides employees with an access to detailed information on customers anytime and from any electronic device, so all the information remains in the company even after the employee leaves.

CRM enables to analyse your customer base and identify the specifics of the most risk ones. Subsequently, you can plan marketing campaigns focused on these customers and track or evaluate their success.

Finally, it´s important to choose a strategy of customer relationship management. We recommend to set various levels of services, which you can offer to various types of customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Example: Assign personal advisors and sales representatives to the most valuable customers. It´s important to have the highest possible volume of information on various customer segments, what and when they buy, which products / solutions they are interested in and what kind of communication they prefer. Use all this data to improve your customer service.

Purchase habits of your customers can extend your insight, based on which you can adapt the portfolio of offered services.

Example: If you own a travel agency, you could automatically send a newsletter to your customers with their favourite destinations during the time they usually book their vacation.

Address your customers informally using their first name or please them by sending a message on their birthday. It´s up to you how you will build your company identity. However, for every decision you will need the right data.

There´s a satisfied employee behind every successful company

To retain loyal customers, you primarily need motivated employees providing outstanding services. It will happen only if your employees will have all relevant information at hand when dealing with customers and will be adequately rewarded. You need to ensure that your CRM system is filled with relevant data not only at the beginning, but continuously throughout the year in order not to miss valuable information.

It´s important that work in CRM becomes a daily routine. To ensure that, you should think of a so-called motivation plan. When setting personal goals for the next year, assess criteria to fulfil for your employees. Individual goals can be supported by a potential reward. Employees can be awarded, for example, for 100% quality of the CRM records, what can subsequently influence the quality of provided services.

manažment znalostí

If you care about the process of providing services to be accompanied by clear and accurate terminology, you can implement the Knowledge Management solution. Employees of the same company will then use a unified language what will provide clients with relevant information. Besides the working process, Knowledge Management can contain training materials, instructional videos or document templates.

Thanks to the system solutions, you can find out whether your company strategy is set correctly or not, in a very short time. Quality and visually attractive reports of everyday operation or goals of your company can be easily managed by the Microsoft Power BI platform.

If you want to rank among successful companies, you should not underestimate the trends of the business. Satisfied customers and motivated employees can bring you higher profit and ensure progress of your business. To let it happen, you need a “strong partner” in a form of a high-quality CRM solution. But remember, your CRM system will be only as good as are the data stored within.

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