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20. January 2020

How to take control over management of service processes?

Digital transformation changes nature of making business. Although robotics plays important role and significantly contributes to process automation, it will never fully replace human work. Today era requires quick and exact processes and customers are more and more demanding. Lot of companies are therefore looking for solutions able to make work more effective.

Numerous studies have found out that artificial intelligence influences business. On the one hand, machines can work quicker and more effective, but on the other hand, they cannot repair broken air conditioning, elevator or production machine. That´s the moment for field workers, whose work is to perform regular service or deal with breakdowns.

Example: Maybe it has happened to you before. A customer asked for service of his device. You agreed on term by phone and you didn´t make a note. Later, you tried to remember all the details. Usually, without looking into the Excel file, you didn´t know to which technician you can assign a task and you were not aware of where the technicians were during their shift. The entire service process was prolonged also by filling paper service forms.

If you are familiar with some of the upper mentioned situations, we know a simple way how to solve it. We have implemented Resco solutions to several our customers. Resco Cloud CRM or Resco Inspections can systematize your service process.

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Managing business processes in one central spot

If you still record client-related data in a paper form and in an indefinite number of Excel files, it´s time for a change. Whether your business involves service of thermal systems, air conditioning, heat pumps, production machines; whether you operate in the auto-moto or some other field of business, you have one thing in common – your business will not progress without transparent data. CRM not only makes your internal processes transparent, but also improves communication with clients what can influence increase of their loyalty.

A successful example of the Resco Cloud CRM implementation is the Canadian company Dental Fix. After we implemented the Resco solution to the company, its management gained a tool for effective management of service and sales activities.

What are the most important benefits of Resco Cloud CRM?

Instant data recording

Do not wait until you get back to your desk after a long day in the field. You can record all relevant data immediately no matter where you are. Thanks to this functionality, in Dental Fix, they record notes and various related comments immediately after a phone call with a client.

resco mobile activities

Online and offline access to data

You will have all data stored in a system available nonstop. Thanks to the Resco application as a part of the solution, our customer can easily schedule service interventions, have a constant overview of everyday agenda and service technicians and manage service orders – regular as well as ad hoc service check-ups.

Shortened service process

Place your orders online and get rid of manual data transcription into CRM, what reduces error rate. You can get inspired by Dental Fix´s service technicians who prepare offers for ordering goods right during the service intervention.

Simpler management of potential clients

You can retain your future clientele by contacting your customers immediately after receiving their orders.

Electronic services as a way to achieve more effective processes

Thanks to data stored in CRM, you can check the date of the closest service check-up of your client´s device. However, it´s still not a guarantee that the service will be performed indeed. How can you get an overview of your service technicians´ work and plan the intervention schedule more accurately? You can achieve that by digitalization of documents used by technicians directly in the field.

The Resco Inspections module, which we have implemented to our customer innogy Solutions, offers support to the service technicians during the entire service process.

The company recognized the need to implement a system for administration of the service process, recording employee attendance and approving vacations. Since they had already had experience with the Resco platform, they decided to use it again. After consultation with Resco software company, innogy Solutions chose us as a suitable implementation partner.

Functionalities simplifying field work

Detailed information

Resco application enables management of service technicians directly in the field. Except the detailed schedule of each team member, the application contains also notifications on exceptional events such as late or cancelled service.

Electronic form and protocols

Get rid of paper forms. innogy Solutions now uses electronic service forms important for making records on performed service interventions. At the same time, service protocols on performing regular service intervention have been digitalized.

innogy mobile

Overview of the intervention schedule

Provide your service technicians with up-to-date information. They can see all planned daily interventions in the schedule, thanks to which they can effectively organize their work.

Route planner

Route planner combines integration with maps and route optimization functionality. When planning a route, a service technician can create the route directly in Google Maps without a need to enter into another application. Thanks to the GPS localization, you can track current location of your service technicians. innogy Solutions uses automatic tracking of overall duration of a service intervention at a customer as well as tracking of current location of service technicians via “Location tracking” function.

Offline regime

Service technicians often spend their time on places with restricted internet connections, such as underground parking, elevators or open spaces. In these cases, it is important to be able to work offline. Thanks to Inspections, they have the database stored locally in their devices, so they can work anywhere and anytime.

The Inspections module offers lots of other functionalities which can be adjusted according to your needs.

We are a strong implementation partner of Resco solutions. Do not hesitate to approach us with any business requirements. We will help you speed up your internal processes and make your service more effective.

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