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20. May 2020

Another non-profit organization benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365

We have implemented a CRM application on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform enabling more transparent activity management to the Hungarian non-profit organization named Ifjúsági Nomád Klub. The cloud solution offers plenty of new functionalities making operation of the organization more effective.

Ifjúsági Nomád Klub is a Hungarian non-profit organization operating internationally. It´s aim is to support young people´s personal development and acquiring new skills. The organization tries to reduce social gaps by offering equal opportunities and possibilities for people from different minorities, social and ethnic groups as well as disadvantaged people to participate in activities promoting healthy lifestyle.

To manage and administer its activities, the non-profit organization previously used several applications and tools which were not mutually interconnected. Important data were shared via emails and Excel files what led to multiple versions of the same document and data inconsistency. Such way of work became eventually untransparent, offered low user comfort and did not provide managerial view on business data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Management of the organization approached us with a requirement to eliminate existing shortcomings and develop a new solution for administration of the whole agenda. After the initial consultation, we suggested to implement a CRM application based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, serving as a primary managerial-operative system.

We have been looking for a solution which would help to improve management of our activities for some time now. We are very glad that the new application has brought us what we were missing and thus solved our requirements. We appreciate the possibility of its future development as well.” Managing director, Ifjúsági Nomád Klub

Microsoft Dynamics 365_tab

The first phase of the project consisted of implementation the functionalities enable to manage:

  • organizations, contact persons and their contact information;
  • approved (ongoing) projects and related data – to record projects with their detailed descriptions, filter in the project list, generate a Word document based on the template containing project data, etc.;
  • communication – e-mails, meetings, phone calls or tasks connected to a relevant organization or project also via MS Outlook or a mobile application;
  • financial transactions within the project (planned as well as already performed) – to manually import them from bank statements and pair them in the system.

The new solution has brought the customer the following advantages:

  • a modern system promoting further development with the possibility to cover not only basic data management and transaction tracking, but also the entire process from preparation of an application to project implementation;
  • access to data anytime and from anywhere thanks to the solution located in cloud;
  • application extension through adjustments without a need for further programming;
  • simple interconnection with Outlook – activities created in the CRM application are located in the Outlook as well and vice versa;
  • document storage in Microsoft SharePoint connected to the CRM.

The first phase delivered in four weeks was managed by the agile methodology.

If you are interested in digital transformation and consider deploying a CRM solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with a free consultation.

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