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27. September 2018

On Microsoft Awards 2018, we ruled in the banking solutions category for Slovakia

The best part is that we did not carry off just one, but two awards – the Winner for the CRM solution implementation for S Slovensko and the Finalist for development and integration of web portals for Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia and Bratislava transport company.

Microsoft Awards - Millennium

On Tuesday, September 25th, the Microsoft Awards 2018 ceremonial took place in Prague. A contest in which Microsoft points out the most innovative projects of its partners tries to inspire modern companies in the Slovak and Czech republic. For two years in a row, we have received not just one, but two awards in the following categories:

The Winner in the category “Banking, capital markets and insurance” for Slovakia

Customer: S Slovensko, spol. s r.o.

Solution: Transforming Customer Engagement in S Slovensko (CRM solution)

S Slovensko has been a leader in the flied of agriculture financing for 16 years. Within the digital transformation project focused on increase of quality of customer care in the agricultural segment, we have implemented to S Slovensko the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). This cloud solution has been adapted to sales management of the company´s leasing products. The aim of the project was to provide S Slovensko with a tool for a better and more efficient business process management. The tool is used by the sales and back office team.

By the implementation of the CRM solution, S Slovensko has gain:

  •  360-degree view on its customers and all customer data concentrated into one system;
  • quick access to important information from the field contributing to better care of the bank client (financial data, farmed land, herds, funding subjects, seasonality, subsidies and agro-information);
  • consistent approach to business cycle management and automated business processes (from a lead – through opportunity – to conclusion of a contract);
  • the possibility to record and effectively manage all business opportunities;
  • transparent reporting on important KPIs of the company as well as individual team members;
  • access to the CRM solution anytime, anywhere and via any electronical device enabling customer care outside the office;
  • constant up-to-day overview of important data from the ERP system displayed directly in the CRM solution, what eliminates a need to enter the applications of third parties during provision of customer service;
  • more effective creation, execution and evaluation of email campaigns directly in CRM via the ProMailChimp functionality.

Millennium - Microsoft Awards 2018 Winner

The Finalist in the Category “Public administration and development of a modern city” for Slovakia

Customer: Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia and Bratislava transport company

Solution: It’s getting cloudy in Bratislava (web portals)

We have delivered the capital city Bratislava and Bratislava transport company the web portals based on a new user-friendly CMS system. Visually attractive design together with simplified structure of web pages and their integration with the third parties´ systems have contributed to significantly higher user comfort.

By its implementation in Microsoft Azure cloud environment, we have managed to optimize existing processes of the client and ensure flexibility in future solution development and implementation of new requirements. The solution in cloud provides constant data availability and security – the main requirements of the client. The web portal solutions a are visited by thousands of visitors every day, who are thanks to the implemented solution able to search relevant information more effectively and comfortably. With the the user-friendly CMS, the productivity of Municipality of Bratislava as well as DPB employees has increased when working with the content or creating microsites.

Last but not least, automated sign-on via Single sign-on and mutual interconnection of the web pages enable automated information publishing. Integration of the web pages with internal systems (such as the ERP system Noris) eliminated multiple inputs of the same data and their distribution.

Millennium - finalista Microsoft Awards 2018


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