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13. July 2022

Our Consultant Madlen: I Am Always Excited When I Can “Bring a New Tool to Life”

She has been a part of the “From A to Z” project. She needs to immerse deep in the customer´s workflows and comprehend them as much as it gets. Madlen has been a consultant at our Czech branch focusing primarily on development of CRM solutions and applications built on the Power Platform.

Previously, we talked about the work in Millennium with our test analyst Katka and Peter, a head of our support team. With Madlen, we peaked into her responsibilities and agenda in the position of a consultant. Among other things, she has introduced us her opinion on what expectations shall an experienced consultant meet.

You have been working in Millennium as a consultant. The work of a consultant may differ from company to company. What exactly does your job consist of?

My work beginnings at the moment of executing a new contract with a customer. I know from the very beginning what tools we are going to develop, however, to be able to fulfil all the customer´s expectations, it´s necessary to analyse them. My main role within this phase of the project is to comprehend and describe customer´s requirements and design the optimal solution for the tool. For that matter, I need to kind of become “an employee” of the customer, immerse in the company workflows and comprehend them. It often takes hours of workshops and consultations with the customer.

Then, based on the gained knowledge, I write down all the requirements into an analytic document followed by development and implementation of the tool. The work of the consultant includes also the knowledge of tool customization, so I often take part in that phase, too. At the same time, I prepare testing scenarios for our testers. If needed, I can test the solution myself. When handing over a completed project, I cover trainings for administrators and end users. I provide, of course, subsequent customer support relating to customer´s questions or requirements on further development or change requests.

It seems that what you are describing is some kind of link between Millennium and the customers and also among our colleagues. What would you point out as the most important? 

I would say it´s the accurate and clear communication. As with the customer as towards our colleagues. It´s essential to understand the customer and their requirements correctly, define them in detail and pass the information on our team.

You are a part of the project for the entire time. What´s your favourite part?

Each project is different and brings new challenges. Once all the requirements are written down and the whole process is set up, a creative part begins – development and implementation of the tool. This phase is my personal favourite. I am pleased when I can stand at the birth of a new tool and help to bring it to life😊

It sounds very interesting. Do you specialize in development of some particular solutions? 

Yes, I primarily focus on development of CRM solutions and their customization. Some time ago I also started to work on low-code solutions under the umbrella of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Both areas are progressing rapidly. How do you manage to keep up?

Most of all it´s important to feel enthusiasm. 😊 I keep on track by following latest trends in IT technologies. Then, of course, I self-study and get new knowledge thanks to lectures and trainings. Since our company is a partner of Microsoft, I use the Microsoft Learn educational centre as well, where I can find lots of technical information about products and large amount of study materials to increase my qualification. Most recently, at the beginning of the year, I obtained a certificate as Microsoft Power Platform App Maker.

What´s the top three attributes for a consultant?

First of all, a consultant has to be a multifunctional person and should be equipped with a “comprehensive package” of knowledge. It´s very difficult to choose only three of them, however, I think that the most important are analytical and business thinking, knowledge of modern IT technologies and real development of tools, a will to cooperate on solving tasks with both internal team and external team of a customer. A consultant learns a lot directly during the work on a specific project, so if you meet the main requirements, in Millennium, you will get your space for further self-development.

Thank you very much for your time and I wish you many more interesting projects.

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