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15. February 2022

requestClick: From a Request and Order to an Invoice

In order to make your company work effectively, the first thing is to have your processes set up right. You can put your processes in order via digitization. The requestClick application can help you streamline company processes regarding purchasing services and goods in a short time.

The requestClick cloud application comprehensively covers the entire process of purchasing goods and services, serves as a central storage of respective documentation and, at the same time, provides a detailed insight for in-house controlling on drawing budget of individual cost centres.

It´s the right application if you need the following:

  • a detailed overview of completed and pending orders;
  • reduced time of the whole purchasing process when ordering services and goods;
  • automation of administrative tasks related to purchasing and logistics;
  • flexibility and access to data anytime and anywhere;
  • company costs under control.

The requestClick application covers the entire purchasing process:

The requestClick application´s cornerstone is the Microsoft Power Platform, which ranks among the so called low-code platforms. Gartner, a global analytical company, presents Microsoft as a leader in the low-code application platforms. Although the low-code platform still requires certain knowledge of application development, it reduces time necessary to develop common functionalities which must have otherwise been arduously developed. 

Take a look at the purchasing process directly in the application:

The requestClick application belongs to our Millennium applications family. Last year, we introduced you the leaveClick application, having under control records on employee attendance; the rentClick application for easy lending of company devices; and the eventClick application covering the organization and reservation of company events. You can already look forward to more company applications this year.

Download our product list and find out which other benefits does the requestClick offers:

If you´ve found your situation in this article or are interested in streamlining some other company process, do not hesitate and contact us. We will discuss your requirements and based on that, we will propose the most suitable solution for you.

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