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Power Apps

Modern applications help to digitalize processes originally running in a paper form or not dealt with at all. They can deal also with complex tasks, what makes employees´ work across the entire organization significantly easier.

Just a couple of clicks

The Microsoft Power Apps online platform automates work flows. It rapidly increases company effectivity, simplifies internal administration and solves many tasks in a relatively short time.

Applications that you can have in a very short time

We have prepared for you several applications built on the Microsoft Power Apps Platform , which will simplify many work activities and bring order to your business processes.

The online application makes tracking employee attendance transparent and gets the managers´ wrinkles out.
Big help for the support department able to easily manage chaos in loaning devices. „Learn more“.
Manage booking of terms within your company without any calendar or charts.

How can Power Apps help you?

Process management

  • Work tasks automation

  • Quick information verification

  • Simple approval policy

  • Basic dashboards

Internal administration

  • Reduction of manual data input

  • Reduced error rate

  • Elimination of processes requiring paper documents

  • Elimination of routine tasks

Saving costs

  • Reduced operation costs

  • Quick implementation without lengthy programming

  • Engagement of artificial intelligence

  • Tailor-made app development

Solution advantages


A possibility of native connection to various systems and connectors.


The application stored in cloud.


Access to the application from a desktop as well as mobile devices.

„In Millennium, thanks to the Power Apps platform, we have digitalized several processes what has been reflected mainly in streamlining the internal administration. We use benefits of the online applications on daily basis. We are convinced that in times of digital transformation, their implementation means a very important step forward."
Miroslav Krempaský
CEO, Millennium


It´s no longer true that when working on projects, everyone involved needs to sit in one office and share the same work time. Mobility and flexibility of working anytime and from anywhere become reality of every modern company.

Frequently asked questions

In our company Millennium, online applications have already streamlined some of our internal processes, e.g. booking terms (parking lots, registration to events, trainings), reporting vacation or loaning devices. If you are interested in one of our existing online applications, its implementation requires the following:

  • delivery of data the application will contain;
  • implementation of the application into your cloud (Microsoft Office 365) or, alternatively, its set up (if you are not using cloud yet);
  • initial application set up;
  • connection to a connector (e.g. SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, One Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, etc).

If you need a new Power application, before its implementation it´s necessary to:

  • analyse your requirements;
  • create Power Apps´ design;
  • adjust the application;
  • the aforementioned steps: delivery of required data, implementation into cloud, and connection to a connector.

We are in the process of preparing the presentation videos where we will introduce you the Power apps designed and developed by our internal team.

For now, you can watch the presentation of Power Apps for loaning devices at our YouTube channel with the detail description in our blog.

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