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20. September 2018

Three new solutions in our portfolio that can help you move forward

Applications for effective customer service and human resources management or a comprehensive solution for retail can help you increase quality of provided services and make your company processes more efficient.

Digitalization of business processes is increasingly affecting life around us. Companies aiming to make constantly progress need to integrate the latest technologies into their corporate environment. They represent the driving engine and help business to grow. That is the reason why we have added three new innovative solutions into our portfolio:

The Customer Service 2.0

Top-notch customer service is a good advert for every respectable company. The way you communicate with your customers has crucial impact on the future of your brand. Loyalty of demanding customers goes hand in hand with a good feeling from the communication when purchasing a product or services. Make your company visible thanks to the Customer service 2.0 solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

By the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service solution you get a tool providing:

  • personalized and consistent service thanks to 360-degree view of all customer-related information,
  • application availability from any device and omnichannel operation (online via chat, email, social networks, by phone via call centrum or in person at a branch),
  • easy search of answers by the customer himself via self-service, community or social channels as well as simple knowledge management,
  • quick solving of interactions with customers and directing them to the right source,
  • workforce optimization via communication recording, management of quality of services and voice and text analytics,
  • communication automation, processing of requirements and reporting thanks to artificial intelligence and assignment of customer interactions to the most appropriate operator,
  • higher-quality customer service thanks to the feedback directly from the customer,
  • quick adjustment of the solution via point & click configurations.

The Application for Human Resources Management

To retain high-skilled employees is sometimes as difficult as to find them. New job offers appearing on the market everyday can be very attractive. Therefore, it is important not only to obtain new qualified employees, but what is more, to take care of them from their very first day at work, promote their development and education, motivate and value them. Concerning this, traditional HR methods are gradually being abandoned and a role of technological solutions for human resources management starts to be at the forefront.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent innovative solution enables:

  • simple setting and management of HR activities, such as 360-degree view of employees,
  • automation of administrative and routine tasks,
  • gaining cost-effective and interconnected systems,
  • addressing the most suitable candidates via LinkedIn social network and comfortable processing of their profiles,
  • higher quality candidate selection thanks to the solution’s predictive analytics,
  • creation of a personalized on-boarding checklist for the new employees and a plan focused on their professional development and education,
  • overview of employee performance, feedback and set work goals via transparent dashboards.

The Application for Retail Management

Would you like to reach higher sales rate and inform your customers that they can rely on the quality of your services? The solution developed for comprehensive retail management meets the wide-spectrum needs of every company in the retail segment.

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) application. Thanks to the innovative functionalities, you can provide your customers with superior customer service and have an overview of important information concerning business.

By the implementation of the Dynamics 365 solution for Retail, you can gain a tool offering:

  • 360-degree view of customer interactions across all channels (regular stores, online shops, call centres),
  • centralized merchandising administration containing all the important information on products, categories, range of goods, prices,
  • effective management of the stock,
  • loyalty programme administration,
  • cross-sell and up-sell based on advanced analytics over the customer data,
  • right decision-making thanks to the Business Intelligence,
  • flexible solution development thanks to the infrastructure in cloud.
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