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30. July 2021

TIPOS Promotes Slovak Olympians in Tokyo

Our long-term customer, TIPOS, the national lottery company, has prolonged its partnership with Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee (SOSC). This year again, TIPOS stands by the Slovak sportsmen representing Slovakia at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In an extremely short period of time, our team prepared a web page promoting the partnership and gathering relevant social network posts.

Recently, we have informed that we participated in launching a new TIPOS web site. Modern design has brought better user experience. The Orchard Core CMS platform which the web portal has been built on, offers many opportunities for its further development. One of them is creation of thematic pages with various content.

TIPOS, as an exclusive partner of Summer Olympics in Tokyo approached us with a request to prepare such a thematic web section. Without hesitation, we responded to the needs of our customer and delivered the entire project, from its design to deployment into operation, within one week. The thematic page offers an overview of the most interesting news from behind the scenes of the Slovak olympians.


We are glad that thanks to our expertise, we can promote communication regarding such an extraordinary event as the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo definitly are.

“By making the decision to continue the long-term cooperation with Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee, TIPOS has sent a clear signal to the sport community, fans and public showing how important is sport and social responsibility for them. At the same time, TIPOS has introduced several inspiring ideas for joint projects,“ reacted Anton Siekel, president of SOSC, to the agreement prolonging the mutual cooperation.

TIPOS is a major donor supporting sports in Slovakia. “We are happy that we can help our top athletes and secure their participation in the largest event celebrating sports. However, our cooperation with SOSC has also another dimension. We do not focus only on top sports, but we understand that is at least as important to promote youth sports and sports for all“, said Marek Kaňka, a general director and a chairman of the board of the national lottery company.

We in Millennium are also fans of our sports representatives and we are looking forward their performance.

If you want to get familiar with the features of the Microsoft Orchard Core platform, do not hesitate and contact us. With our flexible team and using third parties´ services, you can benefit from modern solutions just like TIPOS.

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