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17. June 2021

VÚB Bank Responds to the Market Needs by Developing the SMECAS Loan Application

VÚB bank, our long-term customer, manages the entire process of loan products sales for corporate clients using the SMECAS application. The solutions undergo constant development to reflect today’s business requirements and the bank´s needs.

Loan Processing System (LPS) is an information system managing, automating and considerably streamlining the course of the loan products sales. VÚB banka has under control the whole process thanks to the SMECAS application (SME Credit Application System), built just on the LPS solution.

Benefits of the SMECAS application:

  • Significant loan process optimization – from the client´s arrival to the bank branch, submission of the loan application and its approval, to automatic generation of loan documentation and drawing the loan.
  • Time saving relating to personal engagement of the client service workers and approval roles of up to 20%.
  • Process automation and elimination of unnecessary administration.
  • Promotion of customer loyalty by customer-oriented approach during the entire loan process.

“VÚB Bank intends to constantly provide its clients with innovative solutions. Nowadays, they rely mainly on the fact that their requirements will be met effectively and on high-quality level. The bank needs to have a simple and transparent system able to quickly process individual offers, so the client will receive the statement on funding in a short period of time. We have been able to successfully manage this process also thanks to Millennium”, said Andrej Viceník, Member of the Management Board and Executive Director Corporate Banking Division.

Last year´s events have influenced the application development as well. To overcome these difficult times regarding pandemics and help its clients, VÚB bank has decided to extend its portfolio by introducing new products processed in the SMECAS application. Thanks to this, the bank´s employees can help wider range of the clients and provide required services in a short time what has been reflected in their higher work effectivity. We are very glad that digital transformation of processes have provided lots of advantages for our customer.

If you are looking for a solution which would make your company processes more effective, do not hesitate and contact us. We are ready to go through your requirements together and suggest an optimal solution for you.

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