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27. January 2022

We Build Comprehensive Portals on the innovative Platform Orchard Core

Portal solutions play a key role in communication between a company and its customers. Quality of the portal has often an impact on success of provided services and products. When creating a portal solution, it´s important to focus on selection of a suitable content management system (CMS). Orchard Core ranks among modern CMSs combining attractive design and a wide range of functionalities.

We belong to the first IT companies in the Central Europe which started to develop solutions on the Orchard Core platform. This content management systems offers multiple benefits to several of our customers – TIPOS, Motor-Car, The Capital Bratislava, or Slovak Business Agency. All of these organizations had the common goal – to increase their online potential and streamline the way of publishing information.

We can help you to make progress on Internet as well. An obsolete portal with backward administration can be changed into a modern comprehensive portal solution. As a result, large amount of information can be managed from one central place putting your company communication in order.

The new portal solution will be built on the Orchard Core platform, which we have decided for due to the following criteria:

  Solid foundations

CMS Orchard Core is always built on the latest Microsoft technologies. The open-source content management system on the ASP.NET platform provides lots of possibilities for its development. Since it´s an open-source solution, the vendor lock-in cannot happen. Customers are free to cooperate with the best.

  High Global Reputation

Global community cooperation belongs to its major advantage. Developers are never without help. If a problem occurs, the developer community tries to solve it promptly. On top of that, regular updates contain bug fixing and new functionalities.

Our company is a part of the Orchard community as well and we participate in development of its Slovak version. Almost 100% of the Slovak translation has been carried out by us.

  Custom Development

Extensive Orchard Core´s functionalities enable creation of tailor-made solutions covering unique needs of each customer. There is not a module which couldn´t be extended or replaced. Such philosophy is typical for this product. Integration with third party systems is covered by the most technologically advanced way currently available.

  Optimized for Cloud

Windows Azure is a cloud platform from Microsoft. Orchard Core is optimized to make the most of the Azure environment. Thanks to the numerous advantages of the Azure platform, we are able to build reliable and robust cloud portal solutions.


In the Ochard Core environment, we can define roles and authorizations for various user types. It enables tracking of who made a change or how was the content handled in the past. All activities are recorded in configurable log files.

  Well-Arranged Layout of the Website Content

The content is composed of easy-to-assemble blocks. When creating new web sites, there is also a preview that shows what the published content will look like directly on the web. Work with CMS is very simple also for a common user.


One portal solution can contain any number of language mutations.

Portal solutions that we deliver to our customers are customized and represent a starting point for many internal as well as external systems. The central online channel can unify several separately working channels and contribute to the improvement of provided services.

If you are considering implementation of Orchard Core into your company, do not hesitate and contact us. Together, we will go through your requirements and propose the most suitable solution for you.

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