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1. December 2021

We Have Some Advice for You on How to Bring Order To Your Documents

Does a large number of documents pass through your hands? Some of them need to be approved, reviewed or only noted? Maybe you would agree with the opinion that if you don´t have any document management tool, it can be like going around in circles with no easy way out. If you feel that way, we recommend you to find a suitable solution as fast as possible. The Integrated Document Management can be your first option.

Before you know it, fast working tempo often causes that you are overwhelmed by many stimuli from each side. To successfully run a business, it´s necessary to have your company processes under control. Lengthy internal processes only slow you down. Primarily, you should put your company data in order, what can be easily achieved using Integrated Document Management (IDM).

IDM covers the entire life-cycle of the documents. In intuitive and user-friendly environment of the SharePoint platform, you can create, make comments, amend, approve, publish, sent notification to your colleagues, share documents and archive them.

The major advantage of the tool is that it helps you and your employees get rid of paperwork, automate internal processes and bring efficiency to the organization of work.

According to the statistics of PwC advisory company, professionals spend from 5 to 15% of their working time by reading information from documents and up to 50% by searching for paper documents. Needless to say, 7.5% of all documents get lost and 3% are saved incorrectly.

All Company Documents at One Place

The electronic document management will increase your work productivity. Last but not least, it will unify access to all information and mutually connect them. Contracts, invoices, directives, policies, requests and other documents will be stored at one central spot in a structured form.

The tool enhances security – provides higher control over sensitive documents. Access to them can be controlled based on user authorization. One of the advantages is an overview of who edited the document and how it travelled among the employees. The solution can be integrated with other information systems.

Watch a short part of the webinar where our colleague introduces you the basic functionalities of Integrated Document Management.

Download our offering and find out about other advantages of the solution.

Do not hesitate approach us with your requirements. We will guide you step by step through the digitization of your documents.

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