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7. January 2020

Successful projects of medium-sized companies you can be inspired by

The last year we have accomplished many projects helping our customers to improve their processes. Non only large but also medium and small companies more and more realize the importance of digitalization. Read about the topics which have resonated the most and will play an important role during the upcoming one.

1. Data stored in Cloud

Previously, customers preferred to have their sensitive data stored rather in a server located within company´s premises or a data centre. But trends have changed, and modern and progressive companies more often reach out for Cloud solutions. Recent studies show that Cloud has its steady position in IT world and this trend will continue.

cloud solutions

We assume that until 2022, Cloud solutions will affect investments in the IT sector in the total amount up to 1,3 billion dollars.” Gartner

Cloud solutions help make business of many of our customers more effective. Last year we have implemented our solutions to the following companies:

  • the Motor-Car´s new sales portal operates in Cloud;
  • IT company GAMO has replaced its previous CRM system with a new central solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • a Cloud solution for Expat Support has simplified the process of issuing all kind of visas, residence and work permits in the Czech Republic, solving housing questions and those related to health care, etc.;
  • Diocesan Charity Brno manages fundraising activities via a CRM Cloud solution;
  • Heineken Slovensko, a leader on the bear market, have digitalized business processes via an Cloud application.

Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, we have gained a tool for effective tracking and evaluation of business activities what makes our business progressive.” GAMO

2. Microsoft Office 365 services

Office 365 is a Cloud service which combines applications like Excel and Outlook with efficient Cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Office 365 services enable anyone to create files and share them via any device.

Power platform is one of the Office 365 services. If the licences are not included in the package, a company needs to buy it extra. These minor and technologically simple on-line applications can increase flexibility of companies and automate many routine activities. Companies use these “low-code” applications also because of their quick deployment and user-friendly environment.

Microsoft PowerApps

According to Gartner studies, 75% of large companies will use at least four systems focused on “low-code” development till 2024, so they will be able to maintain their business flexibility. Microsoft belongs to the leaders in the area of “low-code” application platforms.

In Millennium, we are huge fans of innovations. That´s the reason why we started to use the Power platform as well.

Thanks to the Power platform, we have digitalized several processes what´s been reflected in simplified processing of internal administration. We use the benefits of online applications on daily basis. Their implementation proved to be an important step in times of digital transformation.” Millennium

Currently, we are implementing solutions based on the Power platform also for our customers, among others for one of the largest internet sellers in the Central and Eastern Europe or a major private Slovak bank.

Microsoft Teams is another Office 365 service. This platform enables remote collaboration on working tasks not only with colleagues but also with clients.


In its simplest form, the application enables users to create working groups, so they can cooperate, record notes, upload files or share screens.

Via Microsoft Teams, audioconferences and meetings can be arranged or chatbots can be used. The platform is integrated with the Microsoft Office 365 online package, so other services such as Word, Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Skype, Exchange, OneNote, Planner, Power BI or Yammer can be used as well.

The Microsoft Teams platform proved to be an effective communication channel not only for internal communication, but also when contacting our customers or managing smaller projects.

Cyber security

A lot of companies tend to overlook potential threats when everything seems alright. However, Microsoft stresses importance of cyber security and within Office 365 package, it offers solutions able to protect sensitive data from misuse. We consider the security topic to be one of the substantial areas we plan to develop.

3. Millennium as an implementation partner of Resco solutions

Last year we managed several successful Resco projects.  As an implementation partner, we helped innogy Solutions, using Resco Mobile CRM, to simplify administration of a service process and basic overview of employees.

resco inspection

Thanks to the Resco Mobile CRM application, we are able to plan daily interventions of our service technicians and record reports about such interventions electronically and on-line, what is much more effective. The main benefit lies in shorter duration of service operations as well as in digitalization of service agenda from the initial requirement to an e-mail sent to our client. The service technicians have all relevant service forms in one place, what has automated lots of routine activities.” innogy Solutions

We have implemented the Resco Cloud CRM solution for effective management of service and sales departments´ everyday agenda to the Canadian company Dental Fix, providing its clients with comprehensive service of dental equipment.


Implementation of the Resco Cloud CRM system in our company has increased effectivity of planning service intervention by 30 % and KPIs of our sales representatives by 20 %, what has a positive impact on revenue of the company.” Dental Fix

As a strong implementation partner of Resco solutions, we are ready to solve any of your business requirements.

The same as last year, you can get inspired by us also during this year. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will be pleased to offer you a free consultation. Have a successful start of year 2020 with us!

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