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Integrated Document Management

If you are overwhelmed by documentation and e-mails, our solution named Integrated Document Management (IDM) will bring order to your business processes.

Integrated Document Management is a tool enabling to have under control the entire life cycle of documents.

Digitization streamline document management

In each organization in different departments, there are a number of documents that need to be archived, updated or maintained in the long term.

Digitalization of documents bring the possibility of automation of work processes and the use of modern technologies for routine activities.


IDM is built on the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform using Microsoft Power Automate. You simply set the rules for approving orders, invoices, guidelines, requests for a business trip or vacation.

User management is managed in the MS SharePoint environment, which eliminates virtually no delays in resolving any request. Native integration with Microsoft 365 ensures that deadlines are tracked according to the company’s structure and strategy. Of course, there is a security audit trail, which is also related to the correct configuration of Azure Active Directory.

How can a IDM solution help you?

Content Management

  • Fast fulltext search

  • Unification of company templates

  • Archiving documents in accordance with legislation

Comfortable use

  • Document version control

  • Workflow with e-mail notifications

  • Managed adjustments and approvals

  • Remote access, online and offline regime

  • Secure document sharing

  • Managed user´s access rights

Solutions advantages

Order in documents

Each document has its place and a clear structure that facilitates its archiving.

Integrable with other systems

The versatility of the solution enables integration with various company systems or third-party applications.

Team collaboration

Defining a workflow determines the order in which documents flow among employees.


IDM is suitable for all types of companies. It can be used in medium-sized companies as well as in corporations. It can streamline the operation of departments across the entire organization, e.g. HR, Legal department, Audit department, Quality department, Health and Safety and Fire protection department, office administration and others.

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